Want to redecorate, but don’t know where to start?

January 23rd 2014
Move from decoration frustration to creative inspiration!

The New Year is here, which means it may be time for a change! If you want to refresh your apartment décor but don’t know where to start, it’s easy to feel stuck. The best way to get inspired is to see what other people have done:

  • Online: Search the web for ways to inspire your décor. Join a social website like Pinterest, which allows you to search what inspires others. Check out for DIY (do it yourself) blogs such as www.apartmenttherapy.com for ideas, too.
  • Model apartments: At BRE, we keep our model apartment homes up-to-date with the latest apartment decorating trends. Take a peek at these slideshows for inspiration:

    If you live at a BRE community, ask a leasing specialist to show you the model.

  • Furniture showrooms: Visit local furniture stores to get ideas of how professionals lay out space. Make sure to bring your camera with you to snap some great ideas you see. I personally love going to Ikea to see all the amazing things you can do in a small space.

Pull it all together

Once your creative juices are flowing, create an inspiration board: Cut out photos from a magazine, pick up color swatches, and cut out different fabric textures to add to your inspiration board. This illustrated arrangement will help you visualize your apartment transformation. You can also try using different apps to create a collage such as PicCollage (free!) or get fancier with Moodboard.

Get creative, make your space your own and most of all have fun. Happy decorating!