Top 5 Reasons to Move to Radius, if you’re a Foodie

May 31st 2016
best restaurants in downtown redwood city

Vesta (.6 miles from Radius)

From Margherita pizza to Carbonara (pictured above) which comes with a fried egg in the middle (tip: use yolk as your dipping sauce) this place has it all. Finish with scoops of heaven aka mint chip gelato.


La Viga Restaurant (1.3 miles from La Viga)

Seafood in the city with the best weather...


Quinto Sol (.5 miles from Radius)

Holy mole! Is exactly what you will be saying after you try their chocolatey mole enchiladas. Don’t forget to pair them with one of their tasty margaritas.


Donato Enoteca (.7 miles from Radius)

Photo credit: Yelper Scott F. 

Romantic dinner date with your other half on the agenda for this weekend? With an amazing wine selection and delectable Italian food, Donato will be your go to spot.

Tip: if you're there for lunch, sit outside and enjoy the weather and people watching. 


This one snuck in here...kinda

In-n-Out (.5 miles form Radius)

We’ve all dreamt of living just two blocks from a double-double. Make your dream come true at Radius.


Want to keep the party going? Trendy bars like Blacksmith and Martins West Gastropub are just steps away.