Top 5 Reasons to Live in an Essex Apartment Home

May 22nd 2015

Park Viridian in Anaheim, California

Every lifestyle choice comes with its own set of unique advantages. The same is true of apartment living. Making the choice to be an apartment resident instead of a homeowner offers you a unique set of benefits.

Unfortunately for many, the apartment hunt can mean choosing between desired features and amenities and locations. With that, it is in this search that many have come to realize that not all apartment communities are equal. These thoughts have made we at Essex think differently about apartment home living.

Pinnacle Sonata in Bothell, Washington

Ideal Essex Apartment Home Locations in California & Washington

Essex set out to be a different type of company, featuring apartment homes where residents maximize the amenities and benefits within their desired community, area and budget. Whether you’re looking for apartment homes in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, or even Seattle, Essex has the ideal apartment home for you.

Unique Essex Apartment Home Features

 Mosso in San Francisco, California 

Essex apartment homes offer you some very unique features that simply aren't available at many other apartment communities. If you're a longtime Essex resident, you may already know about these unique advantages. But if you’re a new resident, or are considering becoming a resident, here are the top 10 reasons for choosing the Essex apartment home community:

1. Great Locations. No matter the quality and amenities an apartment community offers, it’s all meaningless if it’s located in an inconvenient or less-than-ideal area. That's why we very carefully select the locations for each of our apartment communities. Some of the key considerations we keep in mind when choosing a location include proximity to major employers; great availability to upscale shopping and dining; great access to public transportation hubs—and perhaps most importantly, just the general ambiance of the area.

 2. Top Amenities. We consider amenities to be the icing on the cake in making an apartment community a sweet place to live. At Essex, each of our communities offers some very unique, top-quality amenities. Take for instance our Cambridge Park community in San Diego, which offers a newly remodeled movie theater! Want more examples? How about our Sharon Green community in Menlo Park, which boasts a cushy, comfy community clubhouse with billiards—and an electric vehicle-charging station! Other communities offer amenities such as a mezzanine with a wet bar, a clubroom with a 75" TV and massaging spas. No matter where you settle, you’ll love your Essex community’s amenities.

3. Convenient Living. We get it: One of the great advantages apartment living offers over home ownership is convenience. That’s why we offer so many options designed to make life ever-more convenient for our residents. Things like very flexible lease terms and pet-friendly apartment homes are set with you in mind.

4. Concern for the Environment. Just like you, we’re concerned about the environment—both at an individual and organizational level—and our policies and everyday actions reflect that concern. In fact, since 2006, we've been working hard at incorporating sustainable practices in our operations, and making our communities sustainable-certified. In 2014 alone, we implemented more than 200 sustainable projects throughout our communities. We expect to increase that by 50% this year.

And Last, But Certainly Not Least …

It’s you. It’s the type of people that our Essex communities attract. In many ways, the people that surround you make all the difference in the quality of apartment life. It’s because of the list above, numbers 1 through 9, that Essex communities tend to attract many great people as residents—the kind of people you may just love having as neighbors. And that’s just as important as everything else that our apartment communities have to offer.