Top 10 Apartment Parking Tips to Make Life Easier

February 26th 2016

Living in an apartment community can offer swanky amenities like sparkling pools, bubbling spas, lush landscaping and fully equipped fitness centers, to name a few.

Depending on where you live, such as in a downtown area where parking is competitive, parking spaces can also count as an amenity. Parking arrangements may include assigned spaces, garages and even gated access. The details vary by community, yet even with these options, you might still find yourself circling the block for the perfect spot.

We hear you, so we’d like to share these apartment parking tips to make life easier, no matter where you live!

1. Reserved parking spaces

Your apartment home may offer reserved parking (or even a garage!) for a monthly fee. If so, take advantage and rent that extra spot – it’s worth the peace of mind.


2. “Tag team” parking

You can take advantage of the tag team parking strategy if you and your housemate both own a car. This works best if your community offers both reserved and open parking. If your housemate arrives home earlier, this person can park in the open parking area, since it’s likely less crowded at that time. When you arrive home later in the day, you can take the reserved spot.


3. Secret spots

The leasing office team knows the area well, so ask them for tips on where to park in the neighborhood.


4. Big vs. small

If you have a big car, you might have a harder time finding a parking spot. Compact cars offer more possibilities, like parallel parking in tight spaces. Motorcycles have this advantage, too.


5. Be a neighborhood advocate

In some areas, parking is a hot commodity, and there never seems to be enough to go around. Your apartment community has likely done everything it can to offer you the best possible parking. But sometimes zoning and other laws just don’t allow for more spaces. What’s a resident to do?


Grab a pen and paper, or just your laptop, and write to your city to ask for more parking availability. Ask your neighbors to write in, too—there’s power in numbers!


6. More cars more problems

To loosely quote The Notorious B.I.G., “Now who’s got a spot, who not?” If you have more cars, then you’re going to need more parking spaces. If parking several vehicles is a chore, consider downsizing and make one car your go-to vehicle.


7. Carpool buddies

Arranging a carpool with other residents can be convenient, fun and eco-friendly. With so many neighbors, it’s possible that you share the same workplace or have similar routes to work.


8. Ridesharing

Similar to carpooling, you can share a ride or even share a car. This type of service is especially popular in bigger cities, where it’s likely already a challenge to find a parking spot.


9. Mass transit

Public transportation is the ultimate carpooling, right? If you live near mass transit, chances are that parking is inconvenient. Pop in your headphones, open up a good book and enjoy the ride!


10. Bike about town

Sometimes you need to run a quick errand, but having to find a new parking spot makes you think twice. A bicycle is great for zipping around town, and many apartment communities offer bike storage.



BONUS: Neighborly parking guidelines

Being neighborly in an apartment community extends to the parking lot, too. Even if you can’t find a spot, make sure not to park …

  • In a red zone
  • In a handicapped parking space
  • In your neighbor’s assigned space
  • In visitor parking (if you’re not a visitor)
  • In future resident parking

Otherwise, your car will get towed, you’ll have to pay big bucks, and no one likes visiting a tow lot, right?