Summer Grills & Thrills: 6 Kitchen Gadgets for your next BBQ

July 14th 2016
  • Aqua at Marina Del Rey

  • Fountain Park

  • MB360

  • Skyline

  • Wilshire La Brae

Kick your grilling game up a notch with these tools and gadgets.

Plus, many of our Essex apartment communities feature outdoor kitchens with barbecue grills. Check out the slide show above to get a peek at just a few of our outdoor kitchens!


Stainless Steel Smoker Box from Williams-Sonoma


 Infuse smoky flavor into your meats and veggies without the hassle of a full-size smoker.


Mini Pizza Grilling Set from Sur La Table


Did you know you can make homemade pizza with a barbecue? Get restaurant-quality golden crusts on the grill with these 8" pizza stones and stainless steel domes.


DOT Thermometer from ThermoWorks


Medium, rare or well-done? Take the guesswork out of grilling with this "set it and forget it" thermometer. Insert the probe into the meat, choose your target temperature and close the grill lid (the cable can withstand heat up to 700°F). The thermometer will beep when it's ready.


Pit Mitt from Williams-Sonoma


Heat resistant up to 475°F, these flexible mitts provide ultimate protection around the grill.


Flexible Fire Wire Grilling Skewers from Bed Bath & Beyond


These innovative grilling skewers allow you to easily marinate kebabs (won’t poke a hole in plastic food storage bags) and use all the space on the grill.


Barbecue Brush from OXO


This angled basting brush features OXO's signature easy-to-grip handle, perfect for mopping your fave BBQ sauce.