Studio Living: Tips on maximizing your space

May 16th 2016

Your bedroom is in your living room, and your living room is in your dining room. You can practically refill your glass by extending your arm and…OK, maybe it’s not that compact, but your space has to be it all: living room, kitchen, bedroom and study. Take a look at our recommendations below!



 1.       Bedroom Divider


You’ll want to establish your bedroom space and you can use drapes to surround your bed, but you might run the risk of looking like a hospital room. Something stylish and modern, like what they have here at Park 20 Apartments in the Bay Area, may be a much better option.  



 2.       Bedroom Divider (Again? Yes, your TV)

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If you don’t want a “wall,” and instead would like something a little more transparent, a little more seamless, use your TV with a 360 degree swivel. This is how you do it: place your TV at the end of your bed, creating a division between your bed and living room, you can now watch TV from bed AND you can turn it over and watch it from the comfort of your living room with friends.

Best of all, you won’t need 2 TVs. 



 3.       Multipurpose Ottoman

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This one is a bit obvious, but seriously, how cool is it when you can lift the top of your ottoman like a “lid” and pull out the remote control or blanket? Or, in this case, your ottoman is your coffee table? Yes! We like this ottoman from Scandinavian Design. It has a built-in table (your ottoman won’t get dirty) and it can expand into two more seats when you have more company! Simply expand it and roll it over next to the sofa.




 4.        Do I have room for a desk and bookcase?  

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 Yes! You have books, a laptop, a desk chair and you don’t want to give all that up and go to the public library. This leaning bookcase with a writing shelf also from Scandinavian Designs is the answer. It will maximize your space and add a modern look.  


Living in a studio apartment home can be a little tough space wise, but with these tips you're well on your way to optimizing your space. So get creative and be sure to share it with us on social media.