Rookie of the Year, Bailey Walker

October 8th 2015

1. Congratulations on winning the Rookie of the Year award this year! Can you tell us what it felt like to be chosen by your peers for this award?  

It felt amazing! It is so great to be recognized and appreciated for my hard work. I was honored to receive this award and happy to have made a positive impact.


 2. What’s your favorite memory at The Grand?

The Grand is such a beautiful property and the onsite team is awesome! For those who don’t know, The Grand has some pretty amazing resident events every year. I would say my favorite Grand memory would be when we had our Halloween Spooktacluar event. I dressed up as Cleopatra and had such a blast with the team and residents.


 3. You won Rookie of the Year at The Grand but are now at Deer Valley. Why the change?

I went on to a bigger site (Fox Plaza) and served as the Assistant Community Manager. Shortly after that transition, I am proud to say that I was promoted to Community Manager at Deer Valley.


 4. What are you excited to achieve at Deer Valley

I have been at Deer Valley for about 8 months now and I am most proud of the enhancements we have made onsite and the extraordinary customer service we have been able to provide. Resident satisfaction is always on the fore front of our minds here at Deer Valley and our success has been displayed through positively improved Yelp reviews and resident retention. I look forward to continue to make a positive impact at Deer Valley.


 5. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I love to write - poetry mostly. I have written poems ever since I can remember and it is still one of my greatest therapeutic hobbies.


 6. What is one thing most people don’t know about Deer Valley?

Deer Valley has a reason for its name. There is tons of wildlife here, including deer! The deer will sometimes walk throughout the community and they’re unafraid of human interaction.