Meet Epic Apartments MVP, Anthony Rubio

August 13th 2015

The MVP in the dunk tank. Photo credit: Jennifer Marroquin


1.       As MVP, you now join the company of Stephen Curry, Peyton Manning, and Messi. You share that in common, but what separates you from the rest?

 LOL. Yeah, I would not consider myself part of this MVP cast, but the one thing that separates me from the rest of this group is that I am just beginning. I did well at my last position of Leasing Manager and now have the opportunity and challenge as a Community Manager. Like the guys in this group, I also expect great things for my future.


 2.       You were recently promoted to Community Manager at Via, what are you motivated to achieve there?

 Well, I have some very large shoes to fill atVia in Sunnyvale, CA. I am fully aware of how great of a Community Manager Raquel is. I have the luxury of spending a couple weeks with her prior to her leave. My goal while I am at Via is to continue to push customer service, bring in some resident events that will help resident engagement and continue my growth as a Manager. 


 3.       What are you most proud of achieving at Essex?

 My unexpected growth. My current Manager, Veronica Beals, made it so that I was never “comfortable”. She gave me a little more responsibility along the way, which forced my growth. Just as I would become comfortable with a new job task, along came another task and then another.  If my team leased 15 apartments in that week, she would ask why we didn’t get 17. So I am most proud of the unexpected growth I didn’t know I still needed.


 4.        It’s been a pretty great year for you (and it’s only August!), what’s next?

 Growth! I feel good to have a solid foundation of knowledge and a support team within Essex that is unreal. I really mean that, the support from other E team members is unparalleled to any company I have ever been with. Next focus is doing best at Via and helping my team achieve their own goals.


 5.       Name one thing most people don’t know about you?

 I traveled internationally playing soccer on our US national team in my youth. Soccer has been my sanity and it has been a large part of my life.


 6.        Name one thing most people don’t know about Essex?

 How much they can affect change for the better-- I always hear people talk about what companies do wrong or how their company can do something better. People leave jobs and careers because they don’t feel that their company is able to change with the times or for the better. I sent my first request into Speak Up in my first month of being at Epic and within one day I was already asked to pilot a new program based on my suggestion. Not only can Essex adapt and change, they solicit feedback from the onsite teams.  They listen to the concern, suggestion or need and strive to build a better more efficient company.