Maintenance technician joins the company of Steph Curry and Peyton Manning as MVP

February 18th 2016

1. Congratulations on winning the MVP award this year! Can you tell us what it felt like to be chosen by your peers for this award?


It starts at the head: Kisaol (Kilmer, community manager). Kisaol is awesome—all about people work, not paper work. She is all about helping you reach your potential, always willing to work with you, makes sure that we’re cohesive, that we click. She sets the expectation without saying it. And working with someone experienced like James Platsch, my supervisor. I work with him every day. People tell us we are like brothers, and he’s my boss!


2. You are now an MVP and join the company of Stephen Curry, Peyton Manning and Messi. You have that in common, but what separates you from the rest?


Great minds think alike.


3. What’s your favorite Aviara memory?


When we went out on a team lunch. We were driving back, laughing, just having a great time and I realized, “This is my work, being around great people; this is part of my life.”


4. What’s something we don’t know about you?


I’ve always mentored youth. It’s something I started in college at Northwest University and continue to do with them. Growing up, I had great mentors in high school, college, etc., and walking side by side with someone is great.


5. What is one thing most people don’t know about Aviara?


We’re on an island (Mercer Island)!