Looking for Quiet Neighbors? Le Parc will have you Resting in Peace

October 30th 2015
(Image courtesy Yelp user Beth W.) Le Parc’s neighbor, Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. Not very spooky, eh?

Tired of the bustling city life, construction cranes, and just miss the calm, quiet of a Saturday morning? Living next to the dead might be the best way to … well … rest… in peace. No, it’s not a future scene from The Walking Dead; it’s scenic, with a drop-dead gorgeous (pun intended!) landscape of flowers and green. At Le Parc, your new neighbor is the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. It’s quiet and pretty and peaceful.


We understand you might be nervous: It might be Halloween, the moon is full and you might hear your door creak, but it’s probably just your cat grazing the door—we’re pet friendly!


You might be dying to know the pros and cons of living next to a cemetery, we dug in to the details to find out for you:


The cemetery features mission style architecture 



  • It’s quiet. Cemeteries are very quiet neighbors.

  • Virtually no chance of future development—no construction at 6 a.m.

  • Beautiful green landscape with flowers and trees.

  • It’s not an airport, school or busy street

  • Those resting in peace will not take your parking spot

  • Santa Clara Mission Cemetery has 4.5 stars on Yelp!



  • Not the best date night.

  • No trick or treating.

  • Can’t rehearse “Thriller”