Here’s the quickest way to personalize your apartment home

December 26th 2013

By Christopher Glow, Leasing Specialist

Choosing paint colors for your apartment is one of the easiest ways to personalize your home.
A vibrant accent wall, like this one at Solstice apartment homes, looks especially striking against neutral furniture.

Choosing how to express yourself and make your apartment a home is sometimes a daunting process. Do you prefer clean, modern lines with subdued colors?  Maybe your style is rich hues, cozy furniture and ornate accessories?

When it comes to making your new home your own, inspiration can be found almost anywhere – a favorite piece of art, funky drapes, fresh fruit – the list is endless. While I don't know anyone who actually enjoys moving, who doesn't love choosing accessories and accents to customize their new home?

BRE offers a range of paint colors for your apartment home.

Go from White to Wow with a coat of paint!
Once you've found your inspiration, one of the quickest, easiest and most dramatic ways to instantly add character to your abode is a fresh coat of paint.

Many apartment management companies and landlords don't allow residents to paint their walls – but with BRE's White to Wow program, we'll paint any (or all!) of your walls for you.

You choose the wall and one of 12 designer colors and we'll handle the rest. BRE has three palettes: organic, fresh and vibrant:

  • Organic is subtly and earthy and goes well with almost any color scheme. Add a subtle hint of color behind a favorite piece of art!
  • Fresh features soothing colors that evoke a sense of serenity and calm.
  • Vibrant makes a statement with colors that really pop when paired with neutral furniture.

Pick complementary colors to accessorize your place. A fun resource for those of us who need a little help picking accent colors to a primary color can be found online, like this one:

Your apartment is more than just four walls – it's your home. If you're a BRE resident, call your leasing office today to learn how you can take your apartment from White to Wow! And if you're not a BRE resident, check out our list of communities to find a new apartment home in your area.