Essex Gives Back To Bay Area Communities in Fun Challenge

October 22nd 2015

This September, Essex associates gave back to their Bay Area communities by participating in the fun-and-engaging Pay it Forward challenge, where “The objective is to complete as many acts of kindness for people in our communities within the designated time frame using not only the items provided but your imagination,” says Rachel Hammond, regional portfolio manager.

Teams were given a list of acts of kindness to complete within a few hours and whichever team achieved the most won! Though a competition, the goal was for everyone to have fun with their peers and to always “Pay It Forward.” Acts of kindness included: Give a gift to a police officer, help an elderly person cross the street, give a flower to a stranger, among many others. More than 70 associates participated in San Jose and Oakland, CA.

This event was inspired by Alex Sheen of “Because I Said I Would” a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity. “We would love for this to become an annual event across all regions,” says Rachel.