E-Team Spotlight: Chris Leighton

January 14th 2016

1. What songs best describe your work ethic?

“Takin Care of Business” by Bachamn Turner Overdrive. I think this best describes my work ethic as I always want to make sure business is taking care of no matter what is going on. I try to help everyone who asks me and even those that don’t ask if I see they are in need of help. I have even been called a “Super User” by the IT department.


2. What’s your favorite Radius memory?

My favorite Radius memory is my first day here. I was welcomed with open arms by the team here and have formed good friendships with them.


3. Batman or Superman?

Batman because he has a plethora of tools at his disposal and most importantly his mind. I am best when I can be challenged and have the tools to complete any challenge given to me.


4. How many Taylor Swift songs do you actually listen to every single day?

If it was to come on my radio station it would be a quick station change as I don’t have time for Shake It Off…lol


5. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

There are many things most don’t know about me but one thing for sure most don’t know what the ring I wear on my right hand is for. I have been bowling for 28+ years and in that time I have had some big accomplishments. In 2006 I bowled games of 289, 268, and 267 for an 824 series (which is what I got my ring for). Even now as I don’t compete at the same level as years gone by I still bowl once a week and carry an average of 210. Anytime anyone needs a few lessons feel free to reach out to me as I am always here to help.