Meet Jose Espinola, new Revenue Management Support Specialist

April 7th 2016

Jose Espinola, now Revenue Management Support Specialist, joined the E-team back in 2011, but the road was not easy. “I graduated in fall of 2009—a time when it was difficult finding a job,” says Jose. “I was fresh out of college and was either too inexperienced or overqualified.”

Jose would work in a contract position at Smart Carte, a self-serve luggage cart company seen at airports, until early 2011 when he was recommended by a friend to apply to Essex.

Jose  did apply but had done so for a position he was overqualified for. He then applied again at a different property, but this time found himself underqualified. Jose, whose guilty pleasure is Oreos after midnight, did not give up. Again he applied, his now-third time, and it was at Pathways in Long Beach where he started his Essex career, as Leasing Specialist.

From there, Jose was promptly promoted to Floating Assistant Manager to the area.

Citing his on-site experience as something he’ll definitely put to use in his new position, Jose says, “Because I was in the field, I know how to communicate things to the field, and know which recommendations to give to my team.” 

In his free time, Jose works on his project car, a 1970 Dart that sports a fun 4 mpg. “That’s my baby girl, my mija.” Jose actually purchased his car from a resident during his time at Pathways. “It’s actually going through its second rebuild, as the car was completely totaled on the 4th day after I finished rebuilding it,” says Jose, half grinning.

Revenue Management is excited to have Jose join the team. “Jose is a great demonstration of the ability to move from the field to corporate. He definitely used all the resources to go for it. He had a vision, and it was definitely recognized by me and others in the department,” says Luke Dean, Revenue Manager, who also comes from the field, and is fresh off winning an MVP award at Essex.