Danielle Cacdac, MVP + Star Leaser + Community of the Year winner

July 22nd 2016

Every year, Essex hosts an awards gala in each region, where E-team members are recognized and celebrated for their hard work. This year, at the Norcal Awards Gala, Danielle Cacdac, leasing specialist was awarded 3 times: MVP, Star Leaser, and was part of the team that won Community of the Year! Learn more about this hot shot below. 

1. You were on stage quite a bit at the galas!

It felt quite amazing! I was just sitting there clapping as my name was called, it didn’t really hit me until I read my name on the screen. The most meaningful award was Community of the Year because our team at Marina Cove during the 2015 year really worked especially hard to improve everything and in the end it paid off!

2. What do you enjoy the most about working at Essex?

My favorite thing about working in this industry and for Essex, is that I get to meet a lot of new people coming from all parts of the world. It is so interesting to hear about prospects’ and residents’ lives. I have helped out many sister properties too and what I liked best was that while no two properties are the same, the customer service and dedication of Essex’s employees is the same across the board.

3. Please share a funny story involving your team.

Recently, 7 baby ducklings found their way into our swimming pool. Each time we would try to catch them they would jet away. Chris, our maintenance technician, grabbed the pool skimmer to fish them out. Chris, along with the help of our porter Juan, grabbed the ducklings one by one. It was really cute and funny to see them scooped up. We eventually got them all out and to safety.  

4. What is one thing most people don’t know about you? 

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I can read, write, and speak Japanese. I took it for 3 years in high school and 1 year in college. I am a bit rusty now but I know the basics. If I were dropped off in the middle of Tokyo I would probably be able to speak enough and read enough to find my way around.Watashi wa Essex ga dai suki desu yo! Translation: I love Essex!

5. Any guilty pleasures?

I have a really big sweet tooth. There was a period of time where I would drive to get frozen yogurt every other night. My favorite toppings are crushed Oreos and cheesecake bites. I also love to binge watch television shows on Netflix. I watched every single episode of X-Files in one summer. I still believe, “the truth is out there!” 

Bonus question: Special shout out to anyone?

I owe my success to two very lovely ladies here at Essex. I would like to thank Myra Grant and Lidiya Alexander for all their dedication and patience with me. They have taught me everything I know to be a great leaser! Myra was my mentor and go to person for everything for the past year and a half before she was promoted to assistant manager. Lidiya was a phenomenal manager and had the right leadership skills to make sure I was always able to reach my goals.