Charging Stations Integrated into Modern Furniture

August 24th 2015


If you’re like most of us, you can’t live without your smartphone. Also like most of us, you’re constantly looking for a power source to keep your phone juiced up (9% battery life! Get me a power cord, stat!).   We could gripe about #firstworldproblems, but instead we’ll share with you some awesomely innovative charging devices: wireless charging stations integrated into modern furniture. That’s right, no more fussing with cables or outlets. Simply place your phone on the charging pad marked by the big “plus” sign on the table lamp ($69.99-$110.00) and nightstand ($59.99-$109.99), and voilà, charging begins! You’ve probably seen this type of technology at your local Starbucks. Bring that comfort to your apartment home. 

 And if you’d like to charge your phone on something other than your nightstand or table lamp, well then here's a chance at a #DIY project: pick up the charging pad ($29.99) and integrate it into your furniture, e.g., coffee table, desk or dining table--if you’re not messy! The pad comes in white and birch. (The pad itself is not wireless; it will need to be plugged in.)

The JYSSEN wireless charger can be integrated into existing furniture.

Make sure your phone supports wireless charging and if it doesn’t, you can purchase a VITAHULT case cover, also available at Ikea, that will enable wireless charging.

Image credit: via Ikea