Cafe Convenience at Home: 4 Luxurious Coffee Machines

July 28th 2016
Woman on sofa, reading and enjoying a cup of coffee

Cozy up with a cup, without ever leaving home.

A visit to the corner cafe is a part of the morning ritual for many of us. But there are those days when we need a quick pick-me-up or just can’t be bothered to get out of our pajamas ’til noon. The good news is, coffee makers have come a long way from the drip machines of the past. Be your own barista, with these four luxurious coffee makers that bring the cafe experience home.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker from OXO


Cold brew coffee is a paradox of patience and convenience. It takes at least 12 hours (and as long as one whole day) to steep a batch of this concentrated coffee magic. It’s worth the wait, since once you’re done, you can satisfy your caffeine craving any time (the concentrate keeps for up to two weeks in the refrigerator). OXO’s cold brew coffee maker does all the heavy lifting for you, brewing up to 14 servings of low-acid concentrate in one batch. Use this elixir to hack your fave cafe drinks at home, like Starbucks copycat Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew or Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


Pour Over Coffee Maker from Ratio


Pour-over coffee is complex, delicate and delicious. Preparing it yourself can be intimidating, requiring the scientific precision of Walter White. The Eight pour-over coffee maker from Ratio simplifies this process—just add your favorite ground coffee and press one button. When you’re not brewing a hot cuppa, displaying the sleek design of the Eight will make your kitchen feel like an art gallery.


French Press from Hario


Steep and press your way to coffee bliss with this stylish glass French press from Hario. Form meets function in this contemporary coffee press; olive wood accents offer a bespoke touch, while the double glass walls keep hands cool and coffee warm. This French press is also great for serving brunch guests, since you can see just how much coffee is left in the carafe (time to brew more!).


Coffee and Espresso Pod Machine from Nespresso


Aside from the latest Apple must-have gadget, coffee capsule machines just may be the greatest invention of the 21st century. Exaggerating aside, no one can deny the pleasure of a freshly brewed cup, or the convenience of satisfying your caffeine craving on a moment’s notice (macchiato, anyone?). The Nespresso VertuoLine offers pod machine versatility by brewing both coffee and espresso at the push of a button. To make creamy cappuccinos and steamy lattes, the Aeroccino+ milk frother will complete the at-home cafe experience. 


Grab a mug—we're waiting for you!

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