7 Reasons to Be a Cat: Cool Furniture

August 11th 2016
Super Mario-themed cat shelves

Cats have taken over Super Mario World!

We know the truth: it’s your cat’s home, and they just let us live there. Show your gratitude to Garfield and friends with these amazing cat toys and beds that would look purr-fect in your apartment or home.


Super Mario Cat Complex

Courtesy: CatastrophiCreations/Etsy

We’re geeking out over this Super Mario Bros.-themed kitty-cat shelf, complete with sisal-woven Bullet Bill and Mystery Block. Yes, Fluffy can jump into one warp pipe and pop out the other (don’t worry, there’s no Petey Piranha).


Natural Wood Cat Tree

Courtesy: Royal Woods

Bringing new meaning to the phrase “cat tree,” this natural wood scratching post is a unique and functional work of art (cat not included). 


Cat Scratch Laptop

Courtesy: Firebox.com

Make your cat into a meme with this cat scratcher disguised as a laptop. Iteven comes with its own mouse.


Burger Pet Bed

Courtesy: SisinMaru.com

Still haven’t gotten over Cat Breading? Then you can has burger bed, er, you can have this breadlike bed to sandwich your kitty in for a nice long catnap. Internet feline-phenom Maru thinks it’s the best thing since … catnip. 


Catnip Goldfish


Courtesy: Miso Handmade/Etsy

Like the classic cracker jingle, we love goldfish ’cause they’re so delicious, and we suspect your kitty will love this toy version ’cause they’re stuffed with organic catnip.


Hidden Cat Bed

Courtesy: The Refined Feline

This stylish end table is a multifunction hit with humans and felines alike. Cats can get cozy in the concealed bed, or let out their primal frustrations on the durable scratching surface (instead of using the couch). Pet parents can match it to the rest of their décor with the option of a warm mahogany finish or a deep espresso stain. 


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