5 Ways to get Your Apartment Ready for Football Season

September 9th 2016

 Football is back. Is your apartment ready? Here are 5 very cool, very essential, must haves for your apartment. *Customized for the San FranciscoSeattleSan Diego, and LA diehard.


NFL team Toaster



Just in time for the 10 a.m. game, your breakfast of (5x) champions is ready.  


Craft Beer Flight



Four 4oz. beer glasses engraved with your favorite football team’s logo. Get this off your hub’s wish list! Features a chalkboard to write in the different brews. 


Refrigerated Beverage Center



Need something to keep your craft beer chilled right? Impress your buds with this themed refrigerator. A bit pricey but it’ll definitely turn your home into your fantasy league’s headquarters. 


Sofa Water-Absorbent Furniture Protector



So your best buds are coming over, and you might high-five (a lot) after that Russel Wilson touchdown…a good equation for a good time, but also potential spill and stains. This is where this NFL-themed sofa protector has you covered! Literally. 


Man Cave Flag



No caption needed. 


Overtime Bonus:

Four-Pocket Apron





Just another themed chef’s apron, right? WRONG! This apron has FOUR pockets, including one for your beer #DreamApron.


San FranciscoSeattleSan Diego, and LA fans let us know if we missed your favorite NFL must-have!