5 Fun Ways to Use Chalkboards in Your Home

July 12th 2016
Calendar Chalkboard for your home

Chalkboards are a great excuse to leave love notes, important reminders for family, or just silliness among housemates. Let’s chalk about 5 fun ways to use chalkboards in your Essex home!


Chalkboard Placemat

These Chalkboard Placemats from Crate & Barrel will bring a lot of fun to your table! Have a little message ready for your loved one or write out the menu for your guests. After dessert, try a fun drawing contest. Loser washes the dishes.

Price: $9.95

Size: 11.75"x15.75"


Chalkboard Planter


These planters from West Elm are great for labeling or leaving quotes from your favorite poem or movie. Have kids? Make a day out of planting and naming your new green friends.

Price: $8

Size: 4" diameter x 3.5" height


Chalkboard Calendar

Stay organized in a unique and effective way! Set it somewhere where there’s a lot of traffic, perhaps by the kitchen or by the front door. Let it remind you that you have dinner plans with your bestie on your way out. Available at Pottery Barn.

 Size: 12" wide x 26" high x 1" thick


Price: $49.50


Chalkboard Grocery List

Keep losing your grocery list that you wrote on a yellow post-it or just ran out of milk and need to jot it down? This Wood Cow Chalkboard from World Market has you covered. Just hang it in your kitchen and take it with you on your next grocery store trip.

Price: $19.99

Size: 17"W x 13"H


Christmas Countdown

Is it too early to start the countdown? Until then, add this adorable piece from Michaels to your wish list. It’s okay if you already started a wish list!



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