Essex Blog - 2013-12

December 16 2013

A home is anchored with handcuffs. High levels of home ownership and unemployment are correlated, according to a new study.

Home ownership leads to higher levels of unemployment, according to a new study from Warwick University and Dartmouth College researchers.

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December 13 2013

Stunning Oakland apartments: kitchen with quartz countertops and tile backsplash.

Love to cook? You should be able to take as much pride in your kitchen as you do with your cooking!

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December 11 2013

By Michelle Dombeck, Corporate Communications Manager

A bathrobe and slippers can transform an air mattress into a hotel experience.
You can make an air mattress feel more like a hotel experience with upscale bedding, robes and slippers.

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December 4 2013

Stunning views of the Space Needle at Taylor 28 apartment homes in Seattle.
Introduce yourself to your neighbor – it just might make them like you!

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